Thursday, 30 September 2010

Neighbouring Manor Ward Advice Surgery...

Manor Ward and Liberal Democrat Councillor John Gibson is holding an Advice Surgery for local residents... James Ludley will be assisting John on Saturday 9th October and therefore both encourage residents from Blundellsands as well as Manor Ward to come and see their LibDem team with any issues... The details are pictured below:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

All new Blundellsands FOCUS Newspapers, Autumn 2010.

Winging their way, gradually, through the letter boxes of Blundellsands are the latest Blundellsands Focus newspapers... The colourful A3 publications contain all the latest community Focus on Crosby, Thornton, Waterloo and, of course, Blundellsands.

Delivered free to over 20,000 local homes by your hardworking LibDem team.  But we can always use your help! If you would like to join your local LibDem team then please use the contact details at the bottom of the page to get in touch. Or email

Campaign begins in earnest...

It has now been just over 4 months since the General Election, and more significantly in relation to this blog, the local elections. I would like to take this as my first real opportunity to sincerely thank all those residents in Blundellsands Ward who voted Liberal Democrat.Whether your vote was cast for real change, as a recognition of the hard work and dedication that other Sefton Lib Dem councillors or on the back of ‘Cleggmania’, my gratitude is sincere.
However, let me explain why my gratitude is so sincere. For a long time the ward of Blundellsands has been seen as an unfavourable and uncontested Ward. In many ways a Tory safe seat.But I do not believe in safe seats and as the local election results this year demonstrated, almost 25% of residents agreed with me and voted for change.
The Liberal Democrats hold a strong record of successful campaigns and action throughout Sefton. However, it is no secret that the Party has to target our limited resources. Sadly, in doing so, the residents of Blundellsands have often been the victims of this strategy and consequently have consecutively lost out on the real chance of electing a Liberal Democrat councillor.
Thursday 5th May, 2011, will be no different in this sense. This is why the opening Blog of the all new online ‘blundellsands focus’ is both a note of thanks and an appeal at large. As your nominated candidate, once again, for next year’s local elections I will be working hard, on extremely limited resources, to provide the people of Blundellsands with a real option in whom they choose to vote for. Yet, I appeal to both those residents who voted Liberal Democrat last time and to those who may have seriously thought about it but then reconsidered the viability of such a vote: with your help Blundellsands can be the beneficiary of a Liberal Democrat councillor on the morning of Friday 6th May, 2011.
LibDem councillors in Maghull, Southport, Ainsdale, Crosby, Bootle, Birkdale, and all across Sefton, have a proven track record of being the most active and hard working. We are the party who work for you all year round – and I actively hope this will become the case for Blundellsands too.
I am hoping to keep this new online e-Focus updated as often as possible with relevant news and updates. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions in relation to the online e-Focus, local campaigns, or any issues that are affecting people of Blundellsands.
If you wish to get in contact with me or any of the Blundellsands team please drop us an e-mail on:

James Ludley